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Trophy deals is a family-owned business that has been providing services to sport,corporate and Scholastic events for over 40 years. founded by jerry surber II in 1979,trophy deals began manufacturing promotional products for motocross tournaments.his son,jerry surber III helped his father to expand the company to our current 150,000 square foot facility in Madisonville,texas.

Trophy deals is also much different than other companies in your city or see,trophy deals is a large factory that is red and white sort of resembling a humongous barn! our factory is large because of all the machines inside manufacturing products from scratch,which eliminates most middlemen that other companies have to go through.

Trophy deals manufactures the finest trophies,plaques,and medals and more.our goal is to provide exciting products,exceptional customer service and a convenience shopping experience we aim to exceed our customer's expectations, Every thime!this home-grown and family-owned approach to business is why our trophy deals team takes pride in crafting the perfect awards for your event or special occasion – for the best deal!

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