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    AMERICAN DANCEDRILL TEAM SCHOOLS established in 1958. Its roots to the Kilgore Rangerettes and it Founder Gussie Nell Davis coupled with the vision and leadership of Joyce Pennington the CEOPresident of this Crown Jewel of the DanceDrill team industry. Famous Iconic Trophies of the World
  • ATA AMERICAN TAEKWONDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. ATA International is the world’s largest organization dedicated to teaching martial arts to the entire family! With Licensed Locations around the globe, there are over 950 independently owned and operated licensed facilities. Licensees of the ATA have trained over one million students since ATA’s inception in 1969. Famous Iconic Trophies of the world
  • The first FIFA trophy was named the Jules Rimet Cup in 1946 after the founding father of the World Cup. The current trophy was created in 1974 and cannot be awarded anymore and is currently in FIFA's possession. A replica is awarded to each new winner. Each trophy is 14.5 inches high and made of 18-karat gold. It weighs just over 13 pounds. The bottom of the trophy bears the winning team and year. Famous Iconic Trophies
  • A new design was introduced in 1977 but wasn't renamed for former NBA commissioner Larry O'Brien until 1984. The trophy is 2 feet high, weighs in at 14.5 pounds of sterling silver with a 24-karat gold coating. It was produced by Tiffany & Co. and valued at approximately $13,500. The trophy depicts a ball falling into a net. In 2004, the trophy was taken on a nationwide tour to boost its appeal to the casual fan and become more recognizable. The winning team keeps the trophy and a new one is made each year. Famous Iconic Trophies
  • Following the passing of legendary coach Vince Lomardi, NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle renamed the trophy in his honor in 1970. It was originally called the "World Championship Game Trophy." The sterling silver trophy is 22 inches high, weighs seven pounds and is worth $25,000. After the trophy is presented to the winning team, it is sent to Tiffany & Co. where they engrave the date and final score of the game, as well as the winning team's roster. A new trophy is created every year. Iconic Trophies
  • The trophy's name comes from the presentation following the conclusion of the World Series when the commissioner awards it to the owner, general manager and manager of the winning team. A new trophy is made each year. The first trophy was awarded to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1967 after they defeated the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. The only year it was not handed out was 1994 when a players' strike forced the cancellation of the postseason. The Yankees own seven Commissioner's trophies, the most in baseball. Famous Iconic Trophies
  • Greg Massey founder of STAGE ONE National Dance Competition with around 75 Competitions, Makes it One of the Premium Dance Competitions in the USA. Famous Iconic Trophies of Dance
  • Jeff Webb, Founder, directed Varsity Spirit's meteoric rise as a business and educational organization, Jeff is responsible for bringing cheerleading to television through Varsity's 32 year relationship with ESPN. Webb has also served as host and expert commentator on more than 200 cheerleading broadcasts on the network. Jeff is also credited with founding the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA), the United States All Star Federation (USASF), USA Cheer, and the International Cheer Union, all governing organizations focused on supporting cheerleading's healthy growth and development in the U.S. and around the world. Famous Iconic Trophies of the World

    All Star Challenge Founded in 2000 by Don Collins, All Star Challenge events feature uniquely themed professional sets at each location. Famous Iconic Trophies
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